Chemical Composition

A comparison of the chemical composition of Black Garlic with the fresh bulb, shows that most of the basic constituents are the same, though the percentage of each item, particularly the sugar levels and the amino-acids composition appear to show some significant variation. This information chemical composition of the Black Garlic is obtains from a Laboratory Test of batches h462  of Black Gold Organic Black Garlic, conducted by ALS Laboratory Group  on 11th May 2010 Information for raw garlic is taken from the “USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference”.  (NDB No: 11215, Scientific Name:  Allium sativum)

Nutrition Facts (100g)

Black Garlic Raw Garlic
Water 33.6g 58.6g
Protein 14.2g 6.4g
Fat 0.3g 0.5g
Carbohydrate 39.8g 1.0g
Food Fibre 9.8g 2.1g
Ash 2.28g 1.5g
Sodium 93.2mg 17.0mg
Vitamin B! 0.02mg 0.7mg
Calories 219kcal 149kcal
Cholesterol 0.0 0.0


Mineral Content of Black Garlic (100g)

Black Garlic Raw Garlic
Sodium (Na) 36mg 17.0mg
Potassium(K) 930mg 401.0mg
Magnesium(Mg) 52mg 25.0mg
Calcium (Ca) 13mg 181.0mg
Iron (Fe) 2.1mg 1.7mg
Zinc (Zn) 1.4mg 1.2mg


Amino Acid Content (100g)

*Essentials Black Garlic Raw Garlic
Isoleucine 371mg 217mg
Luecine 779mg 308mg
Lysine 385mg 273mg
Methionine 210mg 76mg
Histidine 287mg 113mg
Phenylalanine 461mg 183mg
Tryptophan 102mg 66mg
Valine 610mg 291mg
Arginine 558mg 634mg
Alanine 714mg 132mg
Asparagine 1020mg 489mg
Glutamine 2327mg 805mg
Glysine 697mg 200mg
Proline 544mg 100mg
Serine 458mg 190mg
Tyrosine 292mg 81mg
Cystine 223mg 65mg